I was born in Athens in January, 1971, growing up in Aspra Spitia in Viotia, Greece, in Volos, Thessaloniki and Athens, going back to Volos in 2002 where I still did not stop growing!
I studied Food Technology at the Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, Photo Direction at the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos (Film School of Lykourgos Stavrakos) and Photography at LEICA Academy Creative Photography, where I graduated in 1996. My first teacher in Photography was Tasos Schizas in the Photographic team of the municipality of Stavroupoli, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The first camera I got in my hands, was the family Kodak Instamatic 104/camera. I fell in love with Photography when I was 19-20, and since then I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I read, travelled and met different people, places and animals, played and listened to a lot of Music, I watched hundreds of movies and performances, but I never stopped taking pictures of all the things that was happening around me.
One of my first professional experiences(From my first personal photographic quests), I find myself at the Action Images agency, with Thomas Chrisochoidis, where I worked in my last year’s Leica Academy internship and “GREECE Only the Best” travel guides. From the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 to the Paralympic Games, which took place the same year, the endless hours of work in the daily newspaper “Thessalia” in 2002 and “Selides” magazine and shooting the magical performances of the International Music Theater Festival of the Municipality of Volos, Greece in the years 2005-2006-2007-2008 as the Official Photographer of the Festival.
I had the opportunity and the joy to be the official photographer of 3 World Championships, in the wet element (!), of course, the 11th FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championships, in 2015 and the 19th CMAS World Senior Finswimming Championships, in 2016.
My last appointment with a great athletic event in Volos, on the 3rd-9th September 2017, at the 12th FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championships.
I undertake photographic work and projects by individuals or production offices, wherever I am asked. I work with advertising companies to cover large projects, as well as small private businesses, sports and arts agencies that are seeking targeted photographic solutions for the needs of their promotion or coverage of their activities.
I am a member of the Greek Photojournalist Association since 2006 and a member of FOIVOS (Copyright Organization).
I am an accredited photographer by
•FIBA (International Basketball Federation)
•FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation)
•CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques)
•EPO (Hellenic Football Federation)
•KOE (Hellenic Swimming Federation)
•CIJM (International Committee of the Mediterranean Games), as well as, by the General Secretariat for Information and Communication and the Ministry of Culture.

Contact me for any photographic need.